Internet of Things(IoT)

IoT has unquestionably opened the doorway to a world that looks super smart with any and all physical objects being able to communicate and exchange data across a network constituting an enormous network of things. Experts believe that by 2025 nearly 22 billion connected IoT devices will be existing compared to the current 7 billion.

IoT lets us add intelligence and communication capability to any object such as vehicles, kitchen appliances, home appliances, physical assets, baby monitors, thermostats, etc. thereby merging the physical and digital world for impeccable interaction and cooperation. Powered by low-cost and low-power sensing technology, cloud computing, big data analytics, AI/ML and connectivity, IoT is making its signature footprint across various spheres such as industrial, automobile, management, healthcare, smart city automation etc.

Our IoT projects include:

Thermal Detection for Person Count

We developed a fully automated module with a sensor unit to dynamically detect and count the presence of human beings in a given infrastructure. Read More

Time-Lapse Video Production Controlling Unit

We designed and developed an automated Time Lapse Video Production Control Unit for our Qatar-based client. Read More

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