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What a lucrative digital presence looks like is greatly dependent on how it is strategized and outlined to address your business, its goals, and audience across the globe and that is exactly how we approach while deriving top-notch web solutions for our patrons. We develop highly scalable custom web applications and websites that align with our patrons’ brand or business adding more value to it.

We have developed several 100+ websites and web applications including static, dynamic and responsive sites for clients from diverse domains including hospitality, entertainment, information technology, automobile etc.

Our Web Development projects include:


An online learning portal for tutors from UK and EU to conduct Online English classes for students inside and outside their territory.

Techbooq is a web app designed and developed for our client in Europe to facilitate seamless online English learning for students in and out of their territory. The platform allows to manage live classes, study plans, study resources, tests, and performance reports.

Tutors can login and register students, manage student groups, conduct live classes, create study plans and learning modules, upload learning resources, create and manage tests and workouts, generate student performance reports, and provide individual feedback.

The students can login and access study resources based on their study plan, attend tests and workouts, view test results, attend live classes and obtain feedback from tutors.

The application provides an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard based on the user type (tutor or student) and provides an insightful report view to track academic progress. The application is highly scalable to include new features and functionality as needed.

Ente Krishi

A website and mobile app made exclusively for farmers of Kerala as an initiative of Digital Farmers Foundation.

www.entekrishi.com is a portal that helps farmers to showcase their farm produce and farms. It promotes the sale of the farmers’ products through features to add details of the products including pictures, descriptions, and price. Farmers can sell their products under various categories.

Farmers can register as free or premium users of the portal and premium members are also approved by an admin. The premium membership opens access of contact details between the farmers and customers to further process direct orders for their products.

The portal also includes features to ensure that the farmers stay updated with the latest updates, important news, Government schemes, benefits, and policies that are relevant to the agriculture sector.

Video Management System

We automated the Video Management functionalities such as Controlling, Live Streaming & Feeds using Cloud based web application and AI functionalities for our Qatar-based client.

A VMS is an integral component of the security system of any organization. Large buildings, malls, and any complex constructions often employ high-end surveillance cameras to achieve high-quality footage, recording, and even those with PTZ capabilities for live-streaming.

VMS helps to capture, record, store, retrieve, view, and analyze video collected from the surveillance cameras so as to obtain valuable insights on activities, people's behavior, and room for improvement on the premises.

We automated the VMS for our client by incorporating cloud technology and AI to extend its functionalities. The web-based interface helps to achieve PTZ control of the cameras, controlled live streaming with zoom and tilt features, and recording. It provides centralized control of all the surveillance units and supports storage on both local as well as cloud storage facilities.

Integration of AI helps to achieve object identification from the footage and automatic recording based on the detection of any movement of the objects in the footage.


A Website designed for a taxi service provider to offer services to customers in specific regions of UK through online booking.

www.friendstaxis.co.uk is a website designed for a taxi service provider operating in specific regions in the UK. It offers pickup service, airport service and online cabs for both business and leisure travelers.

The website helps customers to book a taxi online by providing their pick-up and drop-off location within the operating territory of the service provider. Customers can choose the type of vehicle for commute and select from among numerous payment methods for hassle-free commutes.


A Website that serves as an online store for a dealer of eyewear, allowing customers to view products, do virtual trials, and place orders.

login.trypack.in is a website designed as an online store for optical lens and frames dealer. It helps the dealer to showcase different types and models of eyewear including spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, etc.

Customers can view details of each product including specific features with images and price. Customers can also enjoy a virtual trial of the desired eyewear online to aid their purchase decision.

The site provides a register and login option for customers, a shopping cart, and various payment methods for the customer to have a delightful eyewear shopping experience online.


A web application for a client to manage a business network, its members, deals, and activities.

B2B is a web application designed and developed for a client to centrally monitor and manage his business network geographically spread across various locations. The app allows a super admin to centrally monitor the network and designate admins for each location.

The admins can add and manage members of the network, schedule and manage regular meetings, view the referrals, deals and TYFCBs of the members. The members can view all members of the network, send and receive referrals, send and receive TYFCBs and view upcoming meeting details. Members can also invite visitors to the meeting. Members can update details of one-to-one meeting with other members of the network.

The app provides a single-point interface for the super admin to view the current size, growth, and volume of referrals and deals happening through the network.

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